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The Right “Fit”


The first step in working together is determining whether both of us feel that there is a good “fit”. Often this is clear during the first session, but sometimes it takes two or three to know for sure. 


Setting Goals


One of the initial steps in therapy is setting goals. In other words, why are you coming to therapy? What will we be talking about? Sometimes this will be perfectly clear, and sometimes we might have to figure it out together. In general, I find that the more the client contributes to setting goals and choosing session topics the better off the therapy is.


From time to time, I may have some suggestions about what direction to go in, or about what goals are reasonable given our time frame. If a client has trouble formulating goals, then certainly we’ll spend time on that issue itself. Lastly, goals can often change during therapy, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s not necessarily a Point A to Point B process, so it’s okay to reevaluate as we go along.


Time Frame


There’s no set number for how long therapy “takes”. It depends a great deal on the type of issue involved and the type of person involved. Some people like to have someone to talk to once a week for as long as they live, while others prefer to use therapy to get past specific hurdles. 

Practically, this means that therapy can last anywhere from a few months to many years.


Session Fee


There is a standard fee for each session and I would be happy to discuss that directly via phone or email. If there are any issues with the standard fee, I try to work with clients to find a mutually agreeable fee that the client will be able to afford throughout the course of therapy.

Session Length

The standard session length is 50 minutes, beginning at the scheduled appointment time. 

Cancellation Policy

There is no fee for sessions cancelled 24 hours in advance of the scheduled appointment time, or for sessions cancelled due to an emergency. Every effort will be made to schedule a makeup session. 

Communication Between Sessions

If the client feels the need to discuss a matter between sessions, I am available by phone and will attempt to return messages within 24 hours. There will be no charge for brief consultations of 5-10 minutes. If the matter requires greater attention, an additional full session will be scheduled. 


The fact that you are my client and all communications between us are considered strictly confidential, unless you permit me to release information to specific people by signing an "Information Release" form, or unless I perceive a threat of harm to you or to someone else. 

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